Description / Technical Specifications

"FeelFresh" - Herbal Mouthcare, A Rare-Achievement of Ayurveda:

FEELFRESH MOUTHCARE is result oriented medicine first in the world made of 22 herbs, so many types different diseases of mouth-teeth-gums & throat mention in ayurvedshashtra can be treat by a singal medition without any side effects and reaction, Which is the biggest achievement for FeelFresh Herbal Mouthcare...

How FeelFresh Works?
  • Local action therapy, means immediate effect.
  • Quick absorption of the medicine in mouth.
  • So it create the refreshing costing of 22 herbs in entire mouth.
  • It removes the centralised cough-stickness-food particals from mouth with the ejecting gargle liquid and now starts the SODHAN-SAMAN-ROPAN EFFECTS as per ayurveda.

Special Feature :

  • Feelfresh-is combination of 22 innocuous herbs, totally harmless, contains no alcohol, no artificial colour essence flavour, no synthetic ingredients.
  • Regular usage is helpful in rectifying problems of mouth-teeth gums & throat and inability to open the mouth properly caused by addiction to pan masala-gutkha and smoking.
  • Feelfresh is safe to use it frequently and even if it swallowed it by mistake there is absolutely no harm caused. Keeps the mouth healthy by cleaning out the stickness, cough, food particles and germs in the dental cavity Completely safe for child also.
  • Use Feelfresh-Avoid tooth pricking.
  • Use Feelfresh- Get rid of alcoholic smell.
  • Feelfresh is safe for all from child to old people.
  • Feelfresh is instant effective.

Guarantee :

FEELFRESH-HERBAL MOUTHCARE (Mouthwash - Gargle) is a wonderful combination of 22 herbs. Contains No Alcohol, No Artificial Colour-Essence-Flavours, No Synthetics Ingredients.

Instruction For Use :

  • To prevent or cure oral and dental problems, gargle with FEELFRESH mouthcare after brushing the morning, after meal, tea- cofee, snacks and before going to bed.
  • For any oral ailment gargle after every two hours. For quick an effective results keeps FEELFRESH in the mouth for atleast 5 minutes and gargle.
  • For better results, after using FEELFRESH don't eat or drink for 30 minutes.
  • FEELFRESH can be used by even children and people with dentures to keep their mouth healthy.
  • FEELFRESH is safe for all-from children to old people. Its safe to use it frequently and even if it is swallowed by mistake there is absolutely no harm caused.
  • Regular usage is helpful in rectifying problems like ulcer,dental plague and inability to open the mouth properly-caused by addiction to pan-masala-gutkha and smoking.

Common Mouth Problems :

  • FeelFresh is very useful in the following oral problems.
  • Alcohol (wine) smell from the mouth.
  • Onion and Garlic smell from the mouth.
  • Problem of tooth pricking.
  • Child Mouthcare & Mouth Cleaning.
  • Problem of the mouth cleaning for the people with dentures.

Dosage :

Full the Mouth with approx. 10 ml (2-3 spoons) of "FEELFRESH" swirl it inside the mouth, take it up to the gullet & gargle. Keeps it for atleast two minutes before ejecting it.



Natural Antioxidant, Natural Antiseptic, Natural Analgesic, Natural Anti-Inflammatory, Natural Deodorant.

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